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Civil Litigation

When facing the threat or reality of a dispute or litigation, experienced legal representation is crucial. Our attorneys bring decades of experience when it comes to litigation and have handled cases in federal court as well as in state courts in Indiana and adjacent states. We have worked with many of the litigation firms and attorneys in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties as both co-counsel and adversaries. We have experience with all phases of commercial litigation, as well as arbitration matters dealing with contract claims and disputes.

Our services include representing clients in cases, such as:

  • Collection of Debts:

Pursuing claims against debtors either before or after judgment is obtained.

  • Contract Claims:

Representing businesses in respect to contract disputes in litigation, mediation, and arbitration adverse to other businesses or individuals.

  • Owner Disputes:

Advising as to obligations of co-owners of a business and rights during discord among owners, and representing individual owners involved in business divorces or claims of breach of duty or contract. Representing parties in arbitration, mediation, or litigation involving such business disputes.

  • Trade Secret Litigation:

Representing businesses and individuals involved in litigation or claims arising under the Uniform Trade secrets Act or similar laws, or arising out of employment contracts or confidentiality agreements.

  • Warranty Claims:

Evaluating warranty claims and representing individuals and businesses in respect to such claims.

Are you in need of a dispute resolution? We would be happy to talk to you about your claims or the claims being made against you and look at solving your specific dispute.

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