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Employment Law

The relationship between a business and its employees is crucial to the success of any organization. Our attorneys go to great lengths to provide our clients with a whole spectrum of guidance and in-depth experience dealing with employment law issues faced by businesses and their employees.

Our attorneys have expertise in a wide variety of administrative forums, such as the Indiana Civil Rights Commission, The Equal Opportunity Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, Indiana Department of Workforce Development, the Workers Compensation Board, the Professional Licensing Board, the Indiana Workers Compensation Board as well as in state and federal courts.

Our firm also provides ongoing experience in drafting, evaluating or negotiating a wide range of employment agreements and workplace documents, such as employment applications, offer letters, employment contracts, employee handbooks, work rules, commission agreements, non-compete and confidentiality agreements, severance agreements, employee leasing contracts, and settlement agreements.

We work with both employers and employees in the following types of claims and services:

  • Discrimination Claims:

We advise businesses and employees regarding all forms of discrimination in the workplace and assist either business owners or employees in prosecuting or defending discrimination claims before federal and state agencies and courts.

  • Hostile Work Environment:

Our firm is active in consulting with clients accused of or aggrieved by a hostile work environment. We also have extensive experience in investigating hostile work environment claims in public and private workplaces, as well as representing parties in federal, state and local agency proceedings and in state and federal court, concerning hostile work environment claims.

  • Non-Compete Agreements:

We guide clients through the process in preparing, interpreting, and representing both businesses and employees in respect to non-compete agreements.

  • Overtime and Wage Claims:

It’s important that we help clients understand the impact of applicable state and federal laws concerning wages and hours, as well as represent employers and employees in respect to such claims.

  • Policy Manuals:
    Whether it’s creating or revising documents, we’ll help in drafting policy manuals and interpreting their effect.
  • Severance Agreements:

Our comprehensive firm includes advising clients who need or have received a severance agreement. We also provide ongoing services in interpreting and drafting such agreements and providing guidance on the scope and limits of such agreements.

  • Trade Secrets and Confidentiality Issues:

Legal issues may arise at any state in a relationship, so we offer our expertise in advising clients with respect to confidentiality agreements and duties, as well as applicable statutory duties and representing clients in disputes involving such duties.

  • Unemployment Compensation:

We are committed to representing businesses and individuals in unemployment compensation claims and appeals, before the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.