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Legal Ethics

Sometimes we all need good counsel – and lawyers are no exception. The practice of law can lead to many ethical issues that are not directly addressed by the Rules of Professional Conduct. In such situations, it can be very helpful to obtain advice from someone who deals with the Rules regularly and who has experience addressing ethics issues on a frequent basis.

At Nickloy & Barry LLP, we have the in-depth experience to offer advice to Indiana lawyers and law firms on matters of legal ethics. The Rules of Professional Responsibility allow lawyers seeking ethics advice to disclose information to ethics counsel necessary to get that advice. Since each situation is unique, our work on ethics matters begins with a full understanding of our client’s circumstances.

We work with and advise lawyers and law firms in respect to questions arising under the Indiana Rules of Professional Responsibility, particularly including conflicts of interest, advertising, fee agreements, dealing with third parties, and confidentiality, also including ethical considerations involved in the departure of a lawyer from a law firm. Our experience also extends to both prosecuting and defending motions to disqualify lawyers for ethics reasons and serving as counsel to nearly two dozen different Indiana law firms in matters of legal ethics, including some of the largest firms in the state of Indiana.

Both Jeff Nickloy and Alex Nickloy are members of the Indiana State Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Legal Ethics. Jeff served for three years as the chairman of the Committee and received an ISBA Presidential Citation for his work on the Committee. Jeff also chaired the Special Committee on Lawyer Advertising that developed the revised version of the lawyer advertising rules contained in Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct, which were adopted in 2010. Together, Jeff and Alex have served for more than 20 years on the Committee on Legal Ethics.

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